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There Is A Better Way…
Fight the high cost of document handling with Easy-Image!

Electronic paper is a faster, more effective, more efficient filing system.

Easy Benefits

Easy-Image increases the productivity of your staff. Your personnel will access documents in one tenth, or even one hundredth, of the time they normally take to physically retrieve a file folder. Labor cost savings alone can be huge. In addition, that wasted time can now be recovered
and productively applied directly to your bottom line and increased profits.
Easy-Image provides you with a tremendous competitive advantage in the market place.

Your response to customer questions will be faster, your service will be better, and even in today’s more competitive environment, you’ll generate more sales. Increased sales, lower costs and greater productivity mean higher profits for you!

Easy Applications
Easy-Image allows you to pre-view images using the “inbound tray” feature before storing the image. You may rotate them, and even zoom in to take a better look.

You can file images using OCR and Bar Codes, or, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily catalog an image up to 17 different ways. A few more clicks of the mouse, and you can retrieve any image and print it to a laser printer, or send it all the way around the world using the Easy-Image Fax scheduling system. Easy-Image can store up to 10,000 telephone
numbers and Fax images, at any time, to any destination.

With Easy-Image you can also attach floating “Paste-on” comments or memos to documents without actually adding them to the image. Easy-Image offers a network paper flow control system. Documents which have been scanned and placed into an “inbound tray” are easily found, even if they have not been indexed for storage.

Easy To Use
No special knowledge of Personal Computers is required. It’s that simple! Easy-Image has easy to use easy pull-down menus and a mouse. A complete help system is available at the press of a key.

To Store documents:
All you need to do is scan the document, view the scan, and catalog the image. Easy-Image does the rest!

To Retrieve documents:
Just enter the name that you used to catalog the document and within seconds the complete document appears on the screen. You can then print, fax, add or change an attached memo.

With Easy-Image…

You can be sure!

Easy-Image is the only document image package to use SureSave™, which verifies that an image was stored correctly. When an image is needed, it wll be there! In addition, auto-checking can self-diagnose files during periods when the system is not otherwise occupied. 

It really is just that easy!

Over four trillion documents are now stored in American offices and the stack is growing at a rate of more than 20% a year. Fortunately, reduced costs of optical data storage and the new Easy-Image retrieval database combine to make electronic document storage available to ordinary Desktop PCs. Easy-Image is very cost effective. Additional full featured nodes or view stations are inexpensively added.

Low investment, combined with Easy-Image benefits and cost-saving applications, equal a high ROI (return on investment). Easy-Image grows with you. Future expansion at low cost will continue to increase your ROI.

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