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RecordTrak chooses Binary Research software to manage 40 million documents.
FORT WASHINGTON, PA. - October 26, 1998 - Binary Research , Inc. (BRI) announced today that Easy Image and File-IT, its two Document Image Management software products, have been selected by RecordTrak, of King of Prussia, PA, to manage over 40 million documents related to major class action lawsuits such as asbestos, diet drugs, and breast implants.

RecordTrak is using Binary Research software to convert paper documents to electronic form and put them on Compact Discs (CD) where they can be retrieved, viewed, and printed or fazed using BRI's File-IT application.

"The Easy Image software has allowed us to completely eliminate the paper records storage we used to have in our facility," said Dan Heist, CEO of RecordTrak. "Before, we used to keep high speed printers and copy machines running at full speed day and night. Now, we just copy the information our clients need to a CD, include the Binary Research File-IT application on the same CD and overnight express it to our clients in a small envelope."

"We were looking for a Document Management system that would run on our Windows NT network, and for a software developer that would customize the product to fit our needs. Binary Research filled the bill on both accounts," added Heist.

"We have found that medium-sized businesses are looking for a combination of proven software applications for their specialized business needs and for varying amounts of custom software to tie them all together," said Sandy Butcher, CEO. "RecordTrak is a very innovative legal records management company that has distanced themselves from the competition with this approach to managing information."

BRI, founded in 1977, is a privately held developer of computer software applications for Document Image Management, Database Management, and Electronic Workflow. In addition, BRI provides custom systems integration and specialized applications. Although the company boasts customers in such diverse locations and England and Guam, it focuses on Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. BRI's products include Easy Image, a Document Image Management solution, Apogee, a specialty Database Management Product, and GLUE, and Information Management environment.

BRI sells these products with varying amounts of customization to businesses and institutional customers. BRI's local customer list includes Hafield Specialty Meats, Movers Specialty Service, and Rosenberger's Dairies.

RecordTrak offers medical and related record management solutions to Law Firms, Corporations, and Insurance Companies. They coordinate record gathering for Lawyers, Record Custodians, and Claims Departments.

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