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Binary Research, Inc. Releases Document Protection Service to Consumer Market
Binary Research announces the creation of a new service called My123 File~IT for consumer market to create a virtual safety deposit box.

MY123File~IT is the latest personal document protection service. Described as a "Virtual Safety Deposit Box," important documents can be scanned and stored on our secure servers. We can assure the security and protection of these documents. We meet industry standards for an archival imaging service. All precautions have been taken to gain the highest protection for these important documents. Once documents are stored within the individuals' account, they can be instantly accessed with a password anywhere, with access to a web-browser. Subscriptions are per year and allow customers to store an unlimited amount of "personal" documents.

"My important documents were the last things I thought to protect, but during a disaster they were first things I looked for after everyone was safe and we could go home again."

Founded in 1977, Binary Research Incorporated is a privately held software developer providing custom software, development tools, and information management solutions to meet the software demands of businesses worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. Some of BRI's products include Apogee, an ultra performance database management system, Easy Image, an electronic document management system, Imagen, a web enabled SQL document image server, and Glue, a complete information management environment.

Additional information on My123File~IT service or Binary Research is available on the Internet at, by sending email to, or by calling 800-832-7772.

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