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Binary Research Releases 123 File~IT Hosting Service
Binary Research announces the creation of a new service called 123 File~IT for business to business document managment.
Fort Washington, PA (January 12, 2002) - Binary Research announced the release of 123File~IT, a hosting service offered to grant clients remote viewing access and back-up protection for their important documents, while adding the ease and efficiency that is experienced with a digital filing system.

The 123File~It Service gives clients the ability to scan their documents and store them on a secure web server, hosted by BRI. With the unique features that are associated with BRI's imaging platform, a wide range of benefits are experienced in the use of this service.

All of the features and benefits of this great service can be had for a monthly fee based on the number of images a company plans to store each month. Once signed up, the only hardware needed is a scanner and web-connected computer. The software works with all Twain scanners, and because of the web-based environment any computer with a web browser.

The service is being targeted at small to mid sized companies as well as departments within large corporations who do not have their own computer tech specialist. The simple and easy to use functions allow for this service to be set-up within any organization without the need of special computer training. All of the system maintenance is done by BRI and back-up and protection is assured by a complete guarantee.

Founded in 1977, Binary Research Incorporated is a privately held software developer providing custom software, development tools, and information management solutions to meet the software demands of businesses worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. Some of BRI's products include Apogee, an ultra performance database management system, Easy Image, an electronic document management system, Imagen, a web enabled SQL document image server, and Glue, a complete information management environment.

Additional information on 123File~IT service or Binary Research is available on the Internet at, by sending email to, or by calling 800-832-7772.

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