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Fortune 1000 Company

Problem: Customers were asking manufacturer to produce proof of delivery for product sold. The truck driver would forget to turn in the signed receipts causing loss in sales. In addition it took hours to search for the signed receipts and then fax or mail a copy to the customer.

Solution: BRI created a document imaging workstation that each day downloads from the mainframe all invoice information for the deliveries that day. When the truck driver returns from the deliveries, sign receipts are matched to the invoices. These receipts are then scanned into the computer giving an easy way to fax or E-mail signed receipts. In addition each day the scanning operator ran a report that compared the number of deliveries to the number of return signed receipts scan and made a report of the missing receipts.

Results: The Company gained immediate results, not only guaranteeing themselves a signed receipt from each customer, but a faster more efficient way of producing that receipt to the customer. This increase in efficiency has lead to a shortened collection period because signed receipts are sent out almost instantly. It has also reduced to costs administration would usually incur during collection. Now there is no looking for delivery receipts and then taking them over to a fax machine, all which require time.

Largest in USA - Moving Relocation Service Company

Problem: The Company had used a customized "off the self" software package developed in Unix. This package outlived its usefulness due to the rapid changes occurring within the Company. The Company, doubling in size each year, was making constant changes in the business model. It was only time before some sort of fallout or breakdown, unless they found a new solution. The software package as well as the system inter-structure and business system could not handle another year. The company's major revenues are made during the summer months and most software developers said it would take over a year to create a new system. The need for a new software solution was becoming life or death for this Company.

Solution: BRI agreed to create a complete enterprises system from "soup to nuts" in a period of six months. BRI was contracted in December, and the new system was to be in place before the rush of the summer months. BRI designed and created an enterprises system to handle about 5,000 - 10,000 jobs per week using the Windows NT environment. The programs were written in C, C++.VB, JSP, Java, and Jpro using the BRI database Apogee and SQL databases. BRI developed a complete fax routing and workflow system as well as a document record management and filing system which storages and handles scans, C.O.L.D with full faxing and Email outputs. The base system was finished in time for the summer peak season. BRI also automated more than 40% of business transactions.

Result: The Company was able to continue its successful growth pattern without any downtime. In addition they have been able to retain employees for a longer time because the new less stress environment due to the new system. The company has doubled in business again, but because of the software and automation only had to add about 20% more employees.

Sensor Company

Problem: A leading company that produces sensor devices wanted to create a demo of its newly released sensor and polling services via the internet for the largest trade show of the year. When the release was made, the trade show was only 3 weeks away and they had no software for the device or web site for the polling service. In all they had a great new product, but no way to show it off.

Solution: BRI created the various interfaces and created a web site that showed plotting samples of various temperatures taken from equipment in multiple locations. Our solution was developed on time and also provided the engineering staff time to attend the major trade show and help demonstrate the product. .

Results: The Company, using our software, was able to display this new device at the Trade Show. This allowed them to offer their products and services immediately thus giving them a major jump on the competitors in selling their sensors.

Legal Records Service

Problem: One of the largest companies that services legal records had decided on a Windows NT environment platform. This was at the early release of NT 4.0 and they also wanted a special high speed 30 pages per minute laser printer to print scanned images. After placing the order they found they were having a hard time finding anyone that had software or drivers that can be used with Windows NT to send and print document images at close to rate speed.

Solution: BRI was able to customize its Easy Image software and develop a driver to work with the Windows NT platform for the high speed printing requirements. We also utilized special "in-house" speed techniques to gain 28 ppm output to the laser printer.

Results: The Company was able to maintain operations in the desired Windows NT environment because the desired print speeds could be maintained through BRI's software. This allowed them to keep printing costs down, while not being forced to return any products they had purchased for the Windows NT environment.

A Paper Book Distributor

Problem: The Company needed a better way to keep track of its inventory. The current method of counting titles per request only amounted to losses in sales and unhappy customers. Often books were miscounted which either meant leftover books not sold, or customers complaining of book shortages. A standard "off the shelf" inventory program was not feasible because the books were sold on a guaranteed basis and the books could be return to the warehouse. This would not have been a problem, but books came in as titles and needed to be accounted for during collation. They were then shipped out as a case or set of titles. When returned they would be in assorted cases sometimes numbering over 10000 titles. This caused an inventory nightmare.

Solution: BRI looked very closely at how books flowed from publishers through the Company out to the first round of customers, returns being processed, and finally out to the finial discount stores. A solution was needed to allow for special handling of the books, yet keep track of their movement. BRI developed a web based solution that could be updated and viewed constantly.

Result: The Book Company was able to save money. They saved on the cost of taking inventory every time a sales person called the warehouse. The sales person saved time and was more efficient with sales because they could now view the inventory via the internet. Sales people all over the country could see what was in stock. They could even see orders being processed by viewing the collation of book sets for shipping. This solution gave the Book company better control over inventory and saved them thousand of dollars every year.

A Dairy Company

Problem: When a customer would request and copy of their milk order sheet to be sent to them by fax or Email it was taking days.

Solution: BRI designed a document record management system that would retrieve a copy of the signed milk order in seconds and fax, Email or print them for the customer.

Result: BRI saved the Dairy company hours in time for looking up requests allow them to reassign personnel to another area of the company because system free up so much time.

A Pension Fund Administrator

Problem: The Company needed a system to administrate pension funds for some large union. It also had to be changed at least yearly and some cases monthly. There was no off self package that meets the requirements.

Solution: BRI designed the workflow and database to create a easily changeable system with a complete accounting function module for administrating a pension fund including employee statements, 1099's to IRS and employer statements and reports.

Result: The Company was able to provide service to the union trust fund manager that they were looking for at low cost.


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