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This section contains press releases, articles, success stories, and white papers about Binary Research. Please check back frequently for updates and additions.
10-12-2002 -Binary Research offers 123File~IT Business System - No User License Required
Summary - Binary Research, Inc. Releases its Web-Based document Imaging Server for starting under $9,000.00
08-28-2002 -Binary Research offers MY123File~IT Service for distribution to Business Customers
Summary - Due to the wide success that came shortly after the release of the MY123File~IT service, it is now being offered as a benefit service to business who want to help their clients.

06-08-2002 - Binary Research, Inc. Releases Document Protection Service to Consumer Market called My123File~IT

Summary - "In a time where terrorists and natural disasters spatter the headlines, customers need to know you are there to give them the additional protection they deserve."
01-12- 2002 - Binary Research, Inc. - Unveils New Image Hosting Service.
Summary - 123File~IT enables customers to utilize the benefits of going digital with their files, without the expense of an in-house solution.

01- 1- 2002 -SURESAVE™ Released by Binary Research, Inc. Fort Washington, PA

Article: - New SURESAVE™ Technology is available from BRI. This feature unique to BRI ensures the back-up and protection of files. This is done through a technique in the software programming. A command is issued to reopen a file that has been saved. By reopening it and checking it, the software can then decide if a file or image was saved properly. This is yet another customer protecting feature available from BRI. For more information, Contact: Binary Research, Inc. 1-800-832-7772,

06-13-2001 - Press Release: Binary Research Announces J-Pro 3.0.
Summary - Binary Research is proud to announce J-Pro 3.0, the latest release of their Java™ technology rapid developement tool. J-Pro makes Java programming as easy as Visual Basic, while retaining all the power of the Java platform.
10-26-1998 - Press Release: RecordTrak chooses Binary Research software to manage 40 million documents.
Summary - RecordTrak, a records management company has chosen Binary Research Easy Image software to manage documents for major class-action lawsuits.
11-12-1998 - Press Release: Binary Research Automates Largest Moving Services Company in US.
Summary - Binary Research has completed a major workflow automation project for Movers Specialy Service - the largest specialty moving service company in the US.
06-13-2001 - Article: The Benefits of Tele-working.
Summary - Binary Research has developed applications that allow Movers Specialty Service - the industry leader in specialty relocation coordination services - to extend their office operations across the Internet.
06-13-2001 - White paper: Using RPoll For Remote Equipment Monitoring.
Summary - Remote equipment monitoring is the best way to provide quality, ensure safety, and create profitability while monitoring globally distributed sites. Using a suite of their own production tools, Binary Research has supplied the software for RPoll - an Internet-based remote monitoring solution.

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