IT Outsourcing Services in Philadelphia

Outsource Your CIO or Information Technology Department.

More and more companies are questioning the need to keep a full time CIO and IT staff. In the past few years, the cost of hiring these technical personnel has risen by 30 or 40% in many parts of the country. Add that to the cost of providing benefits to these employees, it makes sound business sense to seriously consider  the benefits of Information Technology outsourcing services.


Technology is changing more rapidly than ever before. For companies whose primary focus is not on the technology industry, and those companies who do not have access to experts in the field, this makes it difficult to keep up.


To tackle these issues, outsource the service that brings much more support to your company and technical personnel.


•Centralize your IT efforts

•Leverage more IT resources at any given time without hiring full-time employees

•Stay on top of the latest technological advances

•Benefit from faster and higher quality service

•Reduce your CIO costs 30-50%

BRI utilizes our technical personnel efficiently, enabling us to assign our staff to more than one company without losing their effectiveness, which in turn reduces the cost to you. BRI operates under a proven process, utilizing our own custom-built software for the management of the IT department and maintenance of projects and equipment.


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With over 30 years of IT experience, BRI offers a complete package of IT services, including the following positions:

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Director of Technology
Senior Programming Engineer
 Database Administrator     
 Systems Engineer
 Mid and Junior-Level Programmer
Telephone System Engineer
Help Desk
Web Master

These services are available on both a short term or long term basis.  Request more information.

How it Works

Depending on the level of IT service you require, from short term consulting to long term employment, BRI has the right solutions for you.  Our professional staff will meet with you to discuss and assess your needs, including reviewing existing systems and personnel, and suggesting new system developments and technique integrations.  We will also review your entire Information Technology department.  Finally, we will provide you with an in-depth report on where your company can save money and time, and how systems may be improved. This will be accompanied with an outline of goals and timelines for our recommendations. 


BRI has developed our own custom Client Relationship Management (CRM) System, Business Manager, which we will utilize to assist in managing your company remotely and providing comprehensive reporting.  Our system is transparent and allows you to easily evaluate the progress of any project. The software has a collaboration tool for project management, time monitoring, and work scheduling.


Our Data Center

We have a state of the art data center that can easily and securely connect to any of your servers to monitor and fix most problems without needing to make an on-site visit. We also have the ability to view any user’s desktop and help them with any problem their workstation is having, on both work and personal computers.  Using the latest technology, we can resolve about 95% of all problems remotely, reducing your need for on-site technical staff.


Equipment Depot

BRI can provide you with a swap program, enabling you to backup your computer on site should a major problem occur.  Should you encounter a major error, simply unplug the computer and replace it with one of the computers waiting on site. We will replace that computer with a new one so that you always have a few computers ready to go if they are needed.


BRI also offers a complete backup system to ensure that there is never any loss of data on any PC or server.

Receive a free, no-obligation consultation and quote.

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